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Dan Lillback
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June 5th Update

Well quite a bit of activity in the last two weeks, and I wanted to give everyone an update on progress.  It's been quite a struggle with all the rain in May -- which usually happens in April.  But regardless of the rain, I wanted to get the season going, and I had the plants out of the greenhouse to do it as well.


So on May 11th, I had the team ready to plant, and I had the old farmer that helps with the big equipment ready to run the tractor and tiller to get the ground ready to go.  I planted wheat and rye last fall to keep the weeds down in the spring.  However, when we went to till, the old farmer made a couple passes with the tractor, and he hopped out looked at me and said you can't plant tonight it's too wet.


Well, here I sit with the team ready to go, the plants ready to go, and the ground too wet.  I said, Tim, its not too wet, we have to get these plants in the ground.  He looked at me again and shrugged, and again said it's too wet.  Don't you hate it when you let your pride take over.  Here I stand with a 40+ year experienced farmer telling me what I can or can't do, and I say, well I have to do it.  He looks at me again and says you can plant, but your plants won't make it. 


Well we worked that night, getting the plants in, and the next couple of weeks I watched the wet ground slowly compact the tiny new plants that went in.


So last week, we planted another 600+ plants, and things are looking good, but farming, it's more than dirt, and water, and plants, (while it's really not much than that), but it's such a primal activity, working to create the proper combination of all three.  What a great time.


In any event things are three/four weeks behind, but I am happy with the progress, and the small bit of pride that got slowly squashed in my heart, just like those poor little plants.