Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program where members of the community support a local farmer. The members of the community pay an annual fee for a share of the farmer’s produce, which is delivered weekly throughout the growing season. Some CSA members even work in the farmer’s field on a weekly basis, but Triple L Acres does not require that.


The CSA members share the bounty of the produce, and also accept some of the risk that certain items may not grow or the rain may not be as regular as we hoped.  Now, of course, we do everthing we can to mitigate poor results, but quite frankly some seeds, fruits, and vegetables are just stubborn.


When the produce is grown and harvested each CSA member receives a supply of delicious garden produce.  We expect our CSA to provide about 15-20+ deliveries throughout the growing season (May-September, depending on numerous variables) directly to you.  You eat the best of the summer garden all season long, grown with organic practices on a farm where you can visit and interact with the farmer.